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Welcome to my site!

Here you can find out a little bit more about me and my love for writing.

All my books are available both in e-Book and physical because the truth is that we love both, isn't it?

My first published book was the Ottoiccact - The Book of Power, an epic adventure searching for a powerful book with a tip of romance to warm the heart.

My second book, The Warrior of Monterum, is a forbidden love full of outbreaks that promises a trip into a fantasy world and a dive-in hard love story.

The second book of the duology The Warrior of the King is also available! The Hunter of the King will close the story that was initiated in the first book, and from it will come three spin-offs. Keep up with the news!

My next release will be To the Noth of Love, it is a contemporaneous romance, and I'm more than excited to share this story with you guys.

I have many other projects going on and soon will have more places to explore and characters to meet. I'm always anxious to tell more stories, and I'm not off with imagination to such!

If you want to send me a message, you can make it through the form here on the site, by email, or even on social media. I'm always open to a chit-chat!

To keep up with the news, follow me on Instagram!



A Caçadora do Rei
already arrived!

Nathalia Scacciotto Harri is in love with writing since childhood! She started to write at fifteen and since then didn't stop, wishing to be always telling a different story.

Although the fantasy world is her favorite, recently she started to explore contemporaneous romances and has been having a lot of fun with this news. At the moment this mix between the fantasy world and the real world has been exciting, and there are many projects in both styles already initiated.

She believes books are the best way out of the day by day, and allow us to enter adventures and incredible romances that leave our hearts warm and full of happiness. And this is exactly her objective with her books, to offer the readers an immersive dive into a breathtaking story.

She's completely made of writing!

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