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Ottoiccact - The Book of Power

All worlds have ancient powers stored away waiting for someone to decipher and use them, and this one is contained within a book called Ottoiccact, where the magic of ancient and prestigious beings was stored. Sephir, a mage in search of control and power, comes to desire the Ottoiccact above anything else, and is willing to pay any price to have it in his hands.

Larahy, a vampire who has her destiny intertwined with the Ottoiccact, feels a responsibility for him that she still cannot understand, and when she discovers that the book is lost, she goes in search of keeping it away from Séphir, and despite having become accustomed to to live alone, she goes looking for the book accompanied by a group with the same objective as hers.

A long, arduous, and unpredictable road stands between them and the Book of Power, as does the weight of responsibility to find it before the wrong person does.

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Review Literary Dramatic:

What an incredible fantasy, full of magic, adventure and magical creatures, this plot fascinates us and we completely embark on this adventure together with these characters that awakens feelings of hate and love at the same time.

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Review Fun in Books:

"It is without a doubt a fascinating story, full of funny moments, discussions and disagreements between our good guys and even "spicy" moments"

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Review Mary's Readings:

"A good dose of adventure, strong female character, well-built characters, a well-crafted plot and a romance so desirable, I looked forward to the scenes."

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Review Reading with May's Coffee:

"I have little to say, it all comes down to: I loved this book! I still feel trapped in this universe, attached to the characters and curious, very curious to know the continuation."

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Review Literary Phoenix:

"Ottoiccact is a book that I started reading without any expectations and without knowing absolutely anything about the work and I was more than wonderfully surprised."

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Review Once Upon a Time Book:

"I totally loved the story, unparalleled passion, I immersed myself in every page and lived every adventure alongside Larahy, Fency, Guiley, Hameron, Rasmuke. Ottoiccact is full of power, love, intrigue, battles and the relentless pursuit of the book of power."

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