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Ottoiccact - Celestial Shards

Guiley is with his friends in Hélianddy, the Book of Power needs to be protected, but he can't get Larahy out of his head. How could he concentrate on protecting the Ottoiccact when he didn't know the vampire's whereabouts? Even when Hameron helps him discover an unknown potential, he can't focus on that mission. And that could cause big problems.

After long days, and an urgent need that arises, the group leaves the kingdom and goes in search of Larahy, but soon discovers that the vampire does not want to be found. Having gone her own way, they will see that finding her can be quite a challenge.

Larahy has an important mission in her path, and with Dracoon's support, she faces different challenges. All those years she's been preparing with a purpose, and when her journey reveals the truth, she understands that she's on the right path and nothing else should matter. There's a lot at stake.

However, her path leads her to a long exploration of her world, and she learns that, no matter if she is alone or accompanied, plans do not always go as desired. Sometimes fighting isn't enough.

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