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​I'm Nathalia, an eternal reader that started to have her own ideas, and so strong they were, I started to write them. I've taken months thinking about the adventures of characters that didn't exist, so I decided to tell their stories.

I'm from São Paulo and always loved fantasy, in books, movies, or series. I started to write at fifteen years old and didn't want to stop, I'm always wanting to tell a different story, and have been expanding my horizons and writing not only in unknown worlds but also in ours with contemporaneous romances.

My love for books comes from my childhood, which was always a little more special with the fantastical theme, where we don't only experience the day-by-day, but also get to know an imaginary world, totally out of our reality, with different creatures that offer to us an even more fantastical trip.

I write since an early age, I wrote about movies I watched and liked (the famous fanfics, although it was always very personal). I changed the main character and created a new story.  It was fun, and also a creative play.

The idea to start writing my own book came from a tabletop RPG. I was playing with my friends, just having some fun with my character fumble (that was always very unlucky, my dice were always getting low numbers) and with time more and more ideas came to me. Those ideas started with my character in the game, things she could do (or try at least), but later I started to notice those ideas didn't fit to her, it was different. The story belonged to a totally different character than mine in the game. For that reason I left those ideas for a while, thinking they were silly things and soon I would forget, but instead, I thought about more details (I even dreamed with the characters, as if it would be a movie I've watched), and it started to come so many things that I decided to put in the paper.

I even say that sometimes my writing process is entirely automatic, the stories write themselves, I only give them the words so other people can also get to know them.  I know it sounds stranger, but it is the truth, and I love it!

Another important thing when I'm writing is having the "feeling" of the moment, it doesn't work trying to force me to produce, because if I do it, the result won't be good (I already erased many chapters and I forced myself to write, and so they were terrible!). When I'm in my creative moment, I can write absolutely anywhere, because I know what I have to write, I know what needs to go to "the paper". I take my table with me anywhere (but I don't get attached only to it, if only my cellphone is around, I don't think twice about using it), and if I have five minutes free, I'll most likely be with it in hands writing. And I have to say, the sensation is just amazing!

Do you want to ask a question? Leave feedback? Have a talk? You can simply write me and I'll answer you with pleasure! You can use the form here on the site or send me one email, or a message on Instagram. It's your choice ;)

As you're already here, you can go and check the interview I gave to the magazine Foreigners in Finland and in the blog Minha Querida Isabel!

I big hug to all of you, and see you in the next book!

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