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The King's Huntress

Second chances and possibilities, that's what Garissa had in her path, and for years she'd been doing her best to make it enough. Trying to disconnect from the past, she proved that persistence could lead her down any path she chose. She was the master of her own destiny.

However, the life she had chosen ends up shaken by plans she had not made, and the king of the distant lands where she started to live makes her a proposal from which she knows it is impossible to escape.

Working for the king of Fhanolár was not what he intended to do, but the consequences of this agreement end up being much greater than he was able to imagine.

Garissa finds herself in a predicament from which there is no way out, forced to not only unearth her past, but also deal with it.

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Resenha leituracomcafedamay:

"Esse segundo volume é bem mais "calmo" que o primeiro e o foco é todo romântico, e devo admitir que eu jamais pensei que gostaria de, depois de uma longa história, voltar à estaca zero e ver o romance ser todo construído novamente, mas eu gostei, e muito!"

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Review onceuponatime_book:

Now hold on to your heart and try to be strong, because Sagni and Garissa are not going to have a minute of peace in the book, when we think everything is fine and well, there comes a bomb to make everyone shaken.

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