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The Warrior of Monterum

Garissa, a bounty hunter, is sent to a vampire realm to steal a powerful relic; but, due to an oversight, she becomes a prisoner and sees the freedom she loves so much slipping through her fingers. Now hostage to a kingvampire in an unknown realm, she has to make a difficult choice, one that will completely change her future. That is, if there is one.

Sagni, an ancient vampire king accustomed to having everyone and everything at his feet, finds himself strangely drawn to the strong-willed prisoner who dared to steal from him, wondering if he really should face her stubbornness and refusal to bend, exploring the curiosity that arose. together with her, or put an end to that situation once and for all.

He didn't know what to do when the vampire looked at him with defiance. He didn't know what to do when her rebelliousness seemed to attract him. What the king did know was that this woman was unlike any he'd ever met, and keeping her close could be a fun challenge.


"How much time do you need to register a moment in your mind and paint it?

— In a wink.

"Good, because that's all you'll get," he said.

Sagni explained to the man exactly what he wanted him to paint and then he looked at Garissa, waiting until she saw him and motioning for her to come to him.

Garissa took a deep breath when she realized the king was calling her and walked towards him as normally as possible. When she was relatively close, he caught her by surprise around the waist and pulled her towards him.

Sagni was in front of the painter, and with his right arm he reached Garissa's waist and pulled her to him, lying to the side with his body, and as he pulled her by surprise, she ended up holding on to his shoulder. He turned his head toward her, making their eyes meet in a deep gaze.

For a second, Garissa was mesmerized by those intense, passionate eyes, but then she realized they were in public and turned away from him in embarrassment. There must have been a screw missing from Sagni's head!"

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"Sagni, in order for us to reach her safely, you must pretend that you are not seeing or feeling anything. You must not show fear, apprehension, or distrust. The key is to remain calm," he instructed, but before continuing, he remembered a additional information.” “Oh, and you shouldn't face the water, either.
"Shouldn't I face the water?" he asked with a frown.
- Exactly! Look elsewhere, but don't stare at the water.
Garissa started paddling calmly towards her old friend's house, and smiled when she felt Sagni's eyes on her. It probably wasn't even necessary to tell him not to look at the water, he seemed too amused admiring it."



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The Warrior of Monterum is a small treasure that I keep warm and safe on my bookshelf. It's a story about a thousand different dreams and pains, and about a love that tries to make its way through the barriers of time in search of the freedom to finally exist.

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Review onceuponatime_book:

Now hold on to your heart and try to be strong, because Sagni and Garissa are not going to have a minute of peace in the book, when we think everything is fine and well, there comes a bomb to make everyone shaken.

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